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Chapter One: Enter the Kunoichi, Brittany and her last Day.

In the great land of Kyoto, Japan, on a sunset evening, a brunette, brown-eyed girl, wearing a sleeve-less, open side-leg ninja kimono named Brittany, walked home after Ninjutsu training.

" Ah, I'm so tired, I can fall asleep right here," Brittany said exhaustedly," Now what else was I suppose to do after training?"

Brittany tilted her head down and thought for awhile. Suddenly, someone came behind and grabbed Brittany's upper arm. Brittany stopped walking and turned her head slightly. It was a man who looked completely drunk. Brittany became wide-eyed and the man grabbed her other arm.

"Hey babe, you wanna have a little fun?", asked the man loosely. Brittany started to struggle away from him, but he was too strong.

"NO! LET GO OF ME, YOU JERK!", Brittany yelled. the man smiled and said," How about that necklace? I can get a good deal with it!" The man tried to grab it, but Brittany forced back.
"Don't you dare touch it!", Brittany yelled. Suddenly Brittany's eyes and necklace began to glow bright. Brittany grabbed the man's wrist and started on fire. The man's wrist was burnt. The man let go of Brittany, but she grabbed the man's chest where his heart is and a chill freeze came upon it.
Brittany jumped onto the man's shoulders and broke his shoulder blades. Brittany positioned her hands together and prayed an anicent japanese spell. When she had her eyes closed, the man stood there, scared and hopeless. Brittany flashed her eyes quickly and yelled out "Forest Seal!". The man became stiff like a tree and fell down. He cried loudly into the air.
Brittany leaned down -ninja style- with a triangle-mark shining on her left hand. A few people ran over and saw the man lying there in pain. Brittany's eyes and necklace stopped glowing and went back to normal. Brittany became confused and stood back up like nothing happened. A woman called the ambulance on her phone and other people surrounded the man.
Brittany slowly walked away and looked back. A huge crowd of people came and looked at the man. The ambulance came and tried to clear a path to get to the man.

"BRITTANY! Hey Brittany! Over here!", yelled a distance voice. Brittany looked behind and saw a girl with black, long, curly hair, wearing casual clothing. Brittany recognized the girl and it was her closest friend, Rachel.

" Rachel, What are you doing here?", Brittany asked.

Rachel smiled," I heard the ambulance come by and I had to see what's going on and came by to find you." Brittany and Rachel saw the bruised man going into the ambulance van. Brittany made a worried face. Rachel gave Brittany an obvious look. Brittany looked back at her.

"What?", Britany asked.

"You knocked out another guy! That's the twenty-sixth guy, Brittany!", Rachel said. They walked away and started to talk.

"Ugh, I hate guys these days! All they want to do is touch and stuff! All guys are jerks", Brittany complained," Too bad I couldn't get a guy who likes me for who I am."

"Yeah. But don't worry, A guy will come out of the tree soon. Anyway, I think it's your clothing you've been walking home after ninjutsu training that's making guys come for you.", Rachel said. Brittany looked down at her clothes. Brittany noticed she was still wearing her ninja kimono and blushed.

" I guess you're right.", Brittany blushed. Both Rachel and Brittany stopped walking.

"Yeah, I'm always right.", Rachel said proudly.

"Not all the time...", Brittany murmured and kept walking.

"What was that, Britttany?", Rachel asked.

"Nothing. So Rachel, why were you looking for me?", Brittany asked.

"Remember, we were going to the mall, silly!", yelled Rachel," We were getting new ninja uniforms."

"Oh right...", Brittany looked down at her kimono,"Well, let me check on my dad and change clothes, okay?", Brittany said cheerfully.

Alright, see ya then!", Rachel said while running the opposite direction.

Meanwhile in the world of Hyrule, inside a dark castle, with black thunder clouds and a moat filled with lava, lies an evil being sitting on a throne. The being held in his hand, a red and black crystal ball and showing Brittany's face and neck. The being grins and called one of his minions.The minion walked up to the being and twitched alittle and looked up to the being.

"Master, I sense the presence of the Chosen.", the minion said while twitching.

"Hehe...yes, finally this day has come...", said the dark being. The being looked at the minion," Go! Find the Chosen at once! We'll see her soon."

"But master, she is powerful beyond reason.", said the minion nervously.

"Don't worry, with the Triforce of Power, she can't stop me!", yelled the being with a red fist and laughed. But behind a pillar where the being and his minion laughed, a woman who was clothed in a mask and armor, was listening and quickly disappeared into black smoke.

Now back in Japan, Brittany just arrived home and closed the door behind her.

"Hi dad, I'm back-AAHHH!-DAD!", Brittany shouted. Brittany's dad, John, was laying on the coffee table with beer bottles all over the place.

"Hey Bridget! you didn't leave a message!", John said loosely and trying to grab a beer bottle off the coffee table.

"Dad, my name is Brittany, not Bridget and I didn't leave a message because I just got here since this morning! Remember, a job, school, friends, you need to stop drinking, too!", Brittany yelled," Anyway, I'm going to see my friend, Rachel, so remember to take a nap and clean this place up, okay?"

"Okay Betty...", John said and fell asleep immediently. Brittany sighs and goes to her room to change. She came out wearing a green shirt and skirt, a white under shirt, brown boots, and small gauntlets. She grabbed a piece of paper and pen from the table and wrote:"Dad, I'm going to meet Rachel. This note is for you if you become drunk again. Love ya, Brittany."

"There, Bye dad! I left a note on the table for you.", Brittany whispered while going out the door," Dad, remember, don' t go like mom did...", Brittany said sadly and quietly.

While walking on the sidewalk, Brittany takes off the Tri-Charm and began to think.

"(Mom, I still remember promising you to keep this close to my heart. I wish you were here. I can't protect it forever.) Brittany stopped walking. "(But still, why choose me to protect it?I still remember Mom's words, "Brittany, you can only protect this necklace and Hyrule itself. Wait, Hyrule. I always wonder what she meant by that.) Brittany looked up into the sky and thought about her mom. Her mother's face showed up in her mind.

Suddenly, the wind began to form around Brittany and the Tri-Charm raised above Brittany's head.

"What's going on?!?", Brittany yelled.

To Be Continued...
Until Chapter Two: The Beginning.

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