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One day in the lost woods 2 moblins were coming to inspect some music they heard. "im telling you it sounded like someone was playin a flute back here" the first moblin grumbled "eh shut up you dumbass there aint nothin back in this dump." and as he said that a spear pierced the monster's armor and went through his chest. the first moblin saw this and started running. just then poison darts flew into his neck and he fell. a skullkid dropped from the trees "what the hell happened?" the skullkid was baffeled. "oh well this will make an excellent meal for my tribe."
meanwhile in kokiri forest, where two certian witches had been planning to attack for quite some time, havoc was writhing and wriggling from what looked to be mixtures of monsters. who knows how these monsters arrived and formed together but there were so many attacking there were ghoma babas, octorekus, and wolfulas. it was horrible.
two kokiri managed to escape into the lost woods but they were followed by a moblin. "how did this happen?!" said mido " the deku tree is dead you idiot no protection in kokiri forest!"said saria. they burst through the clearing and ran into skullkid. he looked up and saw the moblin and with a spin techneque he lept into the air and decapitated the beast.
"what happened?" said the skullkid. "kokiri forest is being attacked!" said the loudmouth mido. "we have no defenses and it seems as though you can fight we need your help please save our villiage." said saria. the skullkid knew that the lost woods were safe because kokiri forest was before the entrance so skullkid agreed to help the kids out. he went to the cliff that separated kokri forest and the lost woods and he looked in horror as there were many vicious monsters attacking and so many huts burning.
he knew what he had to do. he lept off the cliff and sliced open several monsters. then suddenly a big nut hit him on the back of the head and knocked him on the ground. he looked behind him and there was this big octoreku. it had leaflike hair and 2 stubby little legs like a mad deku but had purple skin green eyes and tenticles like an octorock. quickly the skullkid reached for his spear and the octoreku spat out another nut(like the idiot it is) and the skullkid whacked it and sent the nut flying into the monster's forehead.
He looked on a flaming hut and there were dozens upon dozens of wolfulas. they had the head of a wolfos and the arms but were small, had eight legs and made an iritating sound like skulltulas. the skullkid quickly got out his flute/dart gun and took each one of them out one by one. he heard some roaring behind him and it was about three ghoma babas. they had one eye with a feather coming out of it and the body of a ghoma larva but had a huge mouth with a large tounge and purple body with stem legs like a deku baba.
he quickly got out one of his skullbombs (wich has five times the power of regular bombs) and threw it at the middle ghoma baba. just as he suspected the ghoma baba streched out its tounge and ate the bomb. then right as the ghoma baba was about to bite the skullkid he got wide eyed and exploded and the burning parts took out the other two babas. but kokiri forest was still burning.
he ran over to the dead octoreku and squeezed its head in some water then like a fire hose he squeezed its head again and put out the fires. kokiri forest was saved. "how did this happen?" said the skullkid. "I can answer that" said saria who seemed to appear out of nowhere. "you see our protector has passed away due to an evil man called ganondorf and our hero link tried to protect him and he defeated the parasitic beast inside but the deku tree died anyway and now that he's gone we have no protection and we are doomed to have dozens of monsters." "I see well where is this so called hero link?" said the skullkid. "thats the problem we dont know. last i heard of him he just saved zora villiage and he was going to hyrule castle."
"Then that is where i must go." he walked to the exit of kokiri forest when the chief of his tribe jumped out of the trees and said "son i heard everything if you must go please take what the skullclan gives to its bravest warriors." he hands the skullkid the sacred and powerful skull sword. (du du du du!) "go now and find the hero of hyrule......"

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